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Pengo Auger Repair

  • Pengo Auger RepairWe have full capabilities to re-straighten all bent auger center tubes and flights to their original position.
  • If flights can not be repaired, sections will be removed and will be sectionally replaced.
  • Tool welding services allow us to repair and strengthen all flights by adding continuous bar weldments on either the upper or lower side of the flights.
  • Full continuous welding of inner tubes available.
  • All hole drilling for motor pin replacement provided.
  • Placement of wind-up pins and dishes included. Locations based on “dog house” measurement.
  • Replacement of all necessary parts, including pilot and teeth.
  • All servicing only covers OEM parts.
  • Competitive repair estimates provided prior to work performed.
  • Pick-up and delivery with quick turn-around time.
  • All manufacturers accepted.



If you have a specific need, please call us to discuss how we can help.