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GRA Services
Fiberglass Repair Systems for Poles, Secure Set Foam Systems.
Fiberglass Products and Tools for the Electrical Power and Communications Industries.
Precision Hydraulic Compression and Cutting tools.
Manta Ray
Enviromentally safe Earth Anchor Systems for Pole Retention.
Gas, Diesel and Electrical Hydraulic Units.
ProLine Tools
High & Low Pressure Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cutters, Crimpers, Cable Spears, Cable Obstruction Tools and Dieless Technology.
SPC Power Team
High Pressure Hand, Electric and Foot Pumps.
Stanley Hydraulics
Power Units, Handheld Tools, Underwater Tools and Accessories for the Construction and Utility Industry.
Bucket Attachments, Mini-Derricks, Pole Pulling, Material Handling.
Steel Products, Breaker Points, Chisels, Drill Steel.